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End of Life
Hands-On Care

Providing non-medical support to the dying person and their family from diagnosis through bereavement; this can include education, meditative touch and presence, guidance and resources for burials and funerals, sitting vigil, and 11th hour care.

Conscious Death Coaching & Prep

Offering end-of-life planning for folks at any stage of life who are interested in approaching their death in a conscious and loving way. This can include exploring body and disposition wishes, celebration of life desires, legacy considerations, all in support of the potential to befriend death.


Empowering and supporting friends and families to care for their departed loved ones in the days after death. Community-led death care can involve body care, body disposition and transportation, celebration and ritual, completing necessary paperwork.

Funeral Celebrant

Working with the dying person and/or their families to create ritual and ceremony full of respect, honor, and celebration. Can include master of ceremony services, obituary and eulogy writing, venue planning, and managing day-of logistics.

Legacy Audio

Recording your loved ones stories at the end of their life to facilitate reflection, intimacy, purpose, and closure. Interviews are edited, mixed, and arranged into an engaging format you'll be able to replay and treasure for the rest of your life.

Vigil and Funeral

Traveling to your loved ones' home, bedside, or hospice residence to offer gentle music.   We also offer half sets or full sets for funerals, memorial services, an celebrations of life in the Denver Metro area.

End of Life Hands-On Care

This is a non-medical caregiving role that offers care and support to those dying, their friends, and their families, during the illness and dying process. Compassionate presence and space-holding has the potential to increase quality of life, creative healing environments, and help usher someone's spirit pass into the great mystery that lies ahead. We'll work together to identify your wishes in the death process, your current reality, and how to create the reality you want in your death. We will work in five domains of the human experience:

Body: Providing hands-on comfort, touch, attending to basic needs

Spirit: Meditative presence supporting a client's beliefs and practices, prayerful companionship

Legacy: Storytelling, life review, reflection

Emotion: Family dynamics, grief, forgiveness, processing of death

Practical: After-death attendance and care

Conscious Death Coaching

This work can be done at any stage of life. If you aren't dealing with acute illness or approaching immediate death, Conscious Death Coaching can be a gentle space that supports an inquiry into your own beliefs about death. You'll walk away not only with a personal sense of clarity about your desires for the end of your life, but with clear directives for your friends and family in the event of a sudden death.

If you are approaching the end of your life and already have a comprehensive care team in place, we can work together on your wishes for care, writing and recording final messages, exploring body disposition options, recording memorial and celebration of life wishes, and more. These sessions can be done virtually or in-person.

Funeral Celebrant

We will work together to co-create a ceremony, ritual, or service that amplifies the impact of your loved ones' life. Through multiple sessions and interviews that help me understand the depth of who your beloved was to you and to the world, we will create a ceremony that reflects their personality and beliefs. This can include a written eulogy, obituary, event organization, and master of ceremony.


Services are provided at your location of choice.


Legacy Audio Biographies

I have a dear friend who replays her father’s voicemails so he doesn’t forget the sound of his voice. An Audio Biography is a product that, through a series of interviews, audio editing, and professional mixing, allows you to listen to your loved one tell their story. Instead of relying on voicemails about errands and quick check-ins, you’ll hear their voice, their stories, and their history, captured and arranged into an engaging format you’ll be able to replay and treasure for the rest of your life.

Vigil and Funeral Music

Hearing is the final sense we are left with before with die, and it a gift to our dying loved ones to offer loving spoken word and soothing music. Alex Ammons and Fox Linnea Drickey specialize in folk medicine music and will travel to your loved ones' home, bedside, or hospice residence to play gentle guitar layered under simple harmonies.  Also offered are half or full sets for funerals, memorial services, and celebrations of life. If you are looking for other genres or instruments, they can connect you with a web of highly sensitive and available musicians to best support your musical needs.

“Alex guided me through a deep, comprehensive and touching conversation about how to consider a more holistic approach to the end days. It was eye-opening – so much so that I have reconstructed the things I would like to have happen. At the conclusion of our sessions I had a completely different road map for clearly defining my wishes and articulating to my family all of the ways they can lovingly honor them."

David A.

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