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Amplifying the sanctity and healing potential of death through home funerals, step-by-step guidance for final wishes, and personalized hands-on care to and through the end of life
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End of Life
Hands-On Care

Providing non-medical support to the dying person and their family from diagnosis through bereavement; this can include education, meditative touch and presence, guidance and resources for burials and funerals, sitting vigil, and 11th hour care.

Conscious Death
Coaching & Prep

Offering end-of-life planning for folks at any stage of life who are interested in approaching their death in a conscious and loving way. This can include exploring body and disposition wishes, celebration of life desires, legacy considerations, all in support of the potential to befriend death.


Empowering and supporting friends and families to care for their departed loved ones in the days after death. Community-led death care can involve body care, body disposition and transportation, celebration and ritual, completing necessary paperwork.


The Door Beyond

My friend Ruben built a freestanding double-door in his backyard - a wonderfully ornate creation that opens to the vista of Mount Princeton. "When I die," he says, "I want to fly through that door beyond!" This door has become a source of mystery and inspiration for me. It has helped me view death as a holy threshold to something else, something unknowable, and as something that can offer completion, wonder, and awe for all who are willing to bravely approach the dying process with eyes wide open.

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About Alex

I work with folks to support their inquiry into death; I do this with people who are simply interested in destigmatizing or working with their own fear of death, as well as with people who are in an active death process (diagnosed with an illness, or supporting a family member in transitioning to and through the end of life). There will always be pain and grief that comes with death, but I am committed to a new model of care that amplifies death as a meaningful and holy life event. I believe that death is a safe process and a sacred threshold, and the more consciously we interact with our death, the richer life becomes.

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